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  • Annual Member Picnic  at Bob and Rose Grealish’s house.  Saturday, August 8 starting at 11 AM. See Events for more info.
  • PBS members can come to Bob Grealish’s (every other) Thursday Evening Workshops through the summer starting at 6 PM. Bring your trees for expert advice in a casual atmosphere at no charge.  The July dates are: 23
  • The Planting Field  Members are asked to come help at the planting field at Bob Grealish’s House. We have purchased starter material and planted it in the ground with the goal of having great material in the future and along the way learning how to train bonsai from an early stage. Work days will be announced and your volunteer time will be recorded,  so the more time you put in, the better your selection will be when we use the trees.
  • Minutes from the June meeting are listed at the bottom of this page.
  • PBS Highlight link:    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CREGA3jxGJE     Graham Potter wood carving technique
  • Bonsai Supplies: Remember to call Bob Dietz from Bonsai in the Burgh @ 724-348-4771  for all of your bonsai supplies, and he can bring them to a meeting for you or you can visit him in South Park.

Contact PBS President Dave Metzgar  @ 412-956-2482 – bannerdave@aol.com & Facebook     Like Pittsburgh Bonsai Society on Facebook

Look for seasonal tree care tips in the TREE CALENDAR link above! New members can read Bob Grealish’s online book, “Beginning Bonsai”,  found under the Resources link.

New to Bonsai? Looking for a source of information and inspiration in Pittsburgh? You’ve found it with the Pittsburgh Bonsai Society. Visitors are welcome to sit in on a monthly member meeting before joining. During the meetings, members participate in tree workshops and learn from expert speakers during demonstrations. Other seasonal events include the annual spring show, the tree auction, and the summer picnic . Come to the meeting and find expert information on all aspects of bonsai, plus sources for trees and supplies. We even promise to have members’ trees at every meeting just to appreciate. Bring in your own tree for some care or styling advice.

The membership fee is $30 for individuals and $40 for families for the period of March through December. As a member, you will receive  our monthly newsletter which is full of helpful information and current events, and you can participate in any club events. The newsletter can be mailed or emailed to you. Most meetings are on the third Wednesday of the month (check the current schedule in the link above for alternate days), starting with March. We meet from 7:00 to 9:00 PM (or 9:30) at the  Phipps Garden Center, 1059 Shady Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15232 ( not Phipps Conservatory in Schenley Park). You can contact club president Dave Metzgar at 412-956-2482 or at bannerdave@aol.com for more information.

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Meeting Minutes: June 17, 2015

(Approximate attendance: 43 participants)

General Information for Members

-Important dates to remember:

July 15th – Root-over-rock, part II.  Please bring your root-over-rock tree from the last meeting, if it is a tropical you’ll get a chance to repot it at the meeting.  If the tree you selected last year is deciduous you will learn how to properly expose the roots when you repot it next spring.  There will be pots available for purchase.

July 25th – PBS Auction at Phipps (Please bring any bonsai related items you’d like to sell approximately an hour before the auction begins.  Check the PBS website for up to date information regarding the auction.)

August 8th – PBS picnic

-Lisa Bednar is now co-editor of the society newsletter

-From the Secretary:

-The society made a profit of approximately $2,484.39 during the bonsai show.

-The society currently has approximately $7,409.32 total in the bank.

-If you are a member and you’d like to sell anything at the upcoming auction, please see Debbie Bishop.  Your membership must be up to date on the day of the auction.  This year you will not be able to subtract your membership dues from whatever profit you make at the auction.

-Don’t forget about the society field at the Grealish property!  Society members are needed year-round to help care for the trees.  The more time a member spends working on the field the more likely that member is to get a great tree.  Members are needed to pull weeds, level the ground, and arrange the weed barrier around the trees.

Meeting Program

-This meeting’s program consisted of senior members, led by Bob Dietz, giving advice to individual members on how to care and prune their trees, particularly those purchased at the Bonsai Society Show.

-General guidelines for styling trees:

The front of the tree should be the most pleasing part of the tree.

Clean up any deadwood to the point of clean wood (deadwood rots and can house insects).

Proportion is important.  The upper branches should be shorter than any of the lower branches.

There shouldn’t be any branches across from each other.

Generally, there shouldn’t be any branches near the base of the tree.


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