“I have about 150 bonsais growing in my back yard.” – Cindie Duke Bonomi



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  • May Monthly Meeting:  Wed., May 20 @ 7 PM Phipps Garden Center: “Spring Show Prep/Air Layering on a Trident Maple”
  • “An Almost Famous Tree” story continues at the bottom of the Membership page.
  • Minutes from the March meeting are listed at the bottom of this page.
  • PBS Highlight link:   http://www.bonsaimirai.com/   Site of Ryan Neil, an apprentice to renowned bonsai master Mr. Masahiko Kimura of Japan
  • Bob Grealish will start bonsai workshops at his house on May 7 at 6:00. Bring your trees for expert advice.
  • Bonsai Supplies: Remember to call Bob Dietz from Bonsai in the Burgh @ 724-348-4771  for all of your bonsai supplies, and he can bring them to a meeting for you or you can visit him in South Park.

Contact PBS President Dave Metzgar  @ 412-956-2482 – bannerdave@aol.com & Facebook     Like Pittsburgh Bonsai Society on Facebook

Look for seasonal tree care tips in the TREE CALENDAR link above! New members can read Bob Grealish’s online book, “Beginning Bonsai”,  found under the Resources link.

New to Bonsai? Looking for a source of information and inspiration in Pittsburgh? You’ve found it with the Pittsburgh Bonsai Society. Visitors are welcome to sit in on a monthly member meeting before joining. During the meetings, members participate in tree workshops and learn from expert speakers during demonstrations. Other seasonal events include the annual spring show, the tree auction, and the summer picnic . Come to the meeting and find expert information on all aspects of bonsai, plus sources for trees and supplies. We even promise to have members’ trees at every meeting just to appreciate. Bring in your own tree for some care or styling advice.

The membership fee is $30 for individuals and $40 for families for the period of March through December. As a member, you will receive  our monthly newsletter which is full of helpful information and current events, and you can participate in any club events. The newsletter can be mailed or emailed to you. Most meetings are on the third Wednesday of the month (check the current schedule in the link above for alternate days), starting with March. We meet from 7:00 to 9:00 PM (or 9:30) at the  Phipps Garden Center, 1059 Shady Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15232 ( not Phipps Conservatory in Schenley Park). You can contact club president Dave Metzgar at 412-956-2482 or at bannerdave@aol.com for more information.


Meeting Minutes: March 25th, 2015

(Approximate attendance: 46 participants)

General Information for Members
-Important dates to keep in mind:
April 15 –Scots pine (P. sylvestris) workshop, Part I

The workshop will cost approximately $35.00 and will include the pine and a pot.  The cost of the workshop will also include the cost of wire.  Tools will be provided by the Society.  The workshop will be lead by Bob Dietz, owner of Bonsai in the Burgh, a great source for all your bonsai needs.

(Expect Part II in  the fall covering how to style Scots pine in the literati style, including incorporating wedge cut outs to achieve a pleasant design.)

May 29-31 –Spring Show

July 25 –PBS auction

Aug –Picnic

Dec –Holiday Party

-Refer to the website for:
Additional information on future meetings & special events
Bonsai Barn (bonsai sale & exchange forum for PBS members)
A list of current PBS Board Members
-Current membership forms should be sent to the PBS’s new treasurer, Debbie Bishop.  Her address will be updated on the website.
-Jay Miller, overall newsletter guru, would like some help with the following aspects of the newsletter:
Keeping track of the list of new and current members
Creating labels for mail only newsletter recipients
Developing creative content for the newsletter and formatting the newsletter’s outline
Picking up issues at Cindie Bonomi’s home and mailing them out (Cindie will continue to do the graphics)
-The PBS is considering inviting Roy Nagatoshi to a future meeting.  Roy is well known for grafting Shimpaku foliage to California juniper.  More information will be made available on the website.

-Bob Grealish will be available at any time for bonsai consultations and contributions but he will no longer be hosting regular workshops at his home.

Members are invited to the Grealish home to dig trees out of the ground on April 4th.  Interested individuals can arrive at the Grealish residence starting at 9:00am.

-The Society is planning to sponsor a bed at the Grealish residence for members to learn how to care for bonsai from the ground up.  The species under consideration for the bed include Trident maples and Juniper procumbens nana.  Interested members will earn the opportunity to pick a tree based on the amount of hours they put into caring for the bed/trees.

-The Braddock Carnegie Library offers a pottery class where individuals can make their own bonsai pots.  The cost is $10.00 for one session and $25.00 for three sessions.  All supplies are included.

Meeting Program

Today’s meeting program was presented by Bob Dietz, Bob Grealish & Dan Yobp.  It included proper soil and repotting techniques.

Program highlights:

-Know the difference between organic and inorganic soil components
-Make sure the particles in the soil you use are all roughly the same size (sift your soil for a uniform composition)
-Since conifers prefer dryer roots, use less organic material in the soil
-For deciduous trees the preferred mix is 50% organic and 50% inorganic
-Repot most evergreen and deciduous trees in the spring
-Repot tropicals at the height of the summer heat
-It is especially important not to bare-root plants collected from the outdoors
-Use the appropriate wire to make sure trees are securely fastened to the new pot

34th Annual Show

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