“Little Trees are the Bee’s Knees” – David Byron Metzgar

Tree Calendar: Seasonal Tips -Fall/Winter


  • Your trees’ roots are still growing at this time of the year, so be sure to keep them properly watered.
  • You can switch to a low nitrogen/ high phosphorus fertilizer now through the end of October to encourage strong root development without prompting the growth of leaves.
  • Keep up with regular applications of disease control.
  • Spruce: August -October, pluck last year’s needles to encourage new buds next year.
  • Yews: Pluck 2-3 year old needles for new spring buds
  • Mugo pine: Needle pluck from underside and top. New buds will form where there are remaining needles on sides, unlike other pines.
  • Scots pine: feed 10-60-10 fertilizer August-October to encourage next year’s buds.

Tropicals should be inside now for good, with temperatures falling below freezing. Don’t bring in junipers, pines or any other trees that normally would be outdoor trees in our climate. They need the cold period of winter in their normal growing cycle. Winter is a good time to wire pines and look over deciduous trees to see what needs to be worked on in the spring.

If you only have a few trees, find a protected spot around the outside of your home out of wind and direct sun. You can bury the pots in the ground up to the rim, as this will keep them moist through the winter. Many trees are lost due to drying out. A wire fence will keep out rabbits and deer from pruning branches without your permission. Leave the trees protected until March when the temperatures are warming.



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