No gnus is good gnus, with Gary Gnu.

Founded in 1957

The Pittsburgh Bonsai Society is the place in Pittsburgh to connect with a vibrant community of bonsai enthusiasts of all skill levels to share your interest in bonsai.  The society is dedicated to connecting people with an interest in bonsai and to expanding your knowledge of bonsai techniques to help improve the health and beauty of your bonsai.

We meet in person once a month, and host virtual meetings at other times.  Please visit our calendar for a full list of events: Schedules & Meetings. Meetings are structured with discussions for beginners and veterans, and all are welcome to come early with their trees if they have specific questions, want to solicit care or styling feedback, or just want to share a particularly interesting tree.  Beginners and non-members are particularly welcome and encouraged to attend our meetings.  Other seasonal events include the annual spring show, the bonsai auction, and the summer picnic . Come to the meeting and find expert information on all aspects of bonsai, plus sources for trees and supplies.

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram.  Facebook is a good way to get timely announcements.  Members can also join our members-only Facebook group where members share pictures, discuss their trees, and ask questions.

Visit our Resources page for links to local and national suppliers and other useful bonsai-related resources.  For beginners, there are links to lots of good YouTube videos to help you get started.

Please explore our site for more information and resources about bonsai!