Tree Calendar: Seasonal Tips

There are lots of things we do to a tree to make it into a bonsai and a good representation of a tree in miniature.  But some things are good to do at different times of the year.  Knowing when to do what kind of work is one of the trickiest things in bonsai.  Ultimately it comes down to energy management, so first check out our video on Bonsai As Energy Management.

Still, once you know that you can’t follow a set schedule, but must observe your tree to know when it is ready for various kinds of work, it is useful to have a quick reference to refresh your memory or just get you thinking about what needs to be done when a new season surprises you by arriving before you are ready!  Here’s one handy reference table.  (Source currently unknown, but we are looking for the proper source to attribute.)


Bonsai Tree Calendar

A quick checklist of what work is typically done to a bonsai tree by month.


Bonsai Empire has a page with a bonsai calendar that goes into detail and provides additional explanations, with comments specific to deciduous and coniferous trees.