Video Meetings

The Pittsburgh Bonsai Society occasionally hosts online meetings that are recorded, and we sometimes record events held during our in person meetings. These videos are made public some time after the event occurs. You can find our complete public video archive on the Pittsburgh Bonsai Society YouTube Channel.

We highlight here some of our most recent videos, but to see all the videos, make sure to visit our YouTube Channel.

  • Watering: Maintaining A Balance of Water and Oxygen

    A discussion of the fundamentals and nuances of watering bonsai, with a focus on understanding how to maintain a healthy balance of water and oxygen.
  • Aftercare for Collected Material

    An exploration of techniques and materials used to ensure the highest chance of success for your collected material, including yamadori and field-grown trees as well as yard-adori taken from your home landscape.
  • Bonsai As Energy Management

    A video that highlights the idea of energy management as a means for understanding what you can do with your trees and when you should do it.